Recreational Trampolining

Our Recreational programme is run to provide new gymnasts with a safe and controlled environment to do Trampoline.  The aim of the programme is to work through a certificated scheme to encourage the progression of the Gymnasts and to learn the basic technical qualities needed to reach their potential of the gymnast.

We Teach Safety First

  • Which way to face whilst bouncing
  • How to bounce and stop
  • How to get on and off a trampoline safely
  • How to bounce in a straight line without moving from the cross
  • Basic shapes and body landings
  • About how to twist
  • Create a knowledge of being safe on and around trampolines

We aim to achieve these basics before moving to our certificated programme.  Through the programme created by coaches with a combined experience of over 70 years, we take the trampolinist through body landings with twist and without and on to somersaulting forwards and backwards.  If the coach believes the gymnasts has the potential to move to higher levels, the coach will recommend that the gymnasts have a trail with the main squad.

Recreational Trampoline Classes

The sessions and cost are based on the following details:

  • Cost £30.00
  • Monthly subscription
  • 1 hour per week
  • BG qualified instructor

After the first month’s subscription, you will be required to purchase the club membership, this includes, British Gymnastic membership.

  • Recreational Cost: £32.00
  • Pre-school Cost: £25.00

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