About Us

The City of Salford Trampoline and Gymnastic club was formed well over 35 years ago and is still one of the top five clubs in Great Britain. Until 2006 it was an intrinsic part of the city councils sports development programmes. The centre of excellence on Devonshire Street was the first home up until September 2017. In 2011 the New Centre of Excellence was established in the Broughton HUB where it is now based in its 2.5 million pound purpose built facility in Salford.

The Devonshire Street Centre was renovated and adapted with an extension built in 1984 and had its opening in 1985. A second extension was added in 1986 adding floor pitted trampolines.

The facility is one of the best and most productive combined Trampoline and Gymnastic centres in the United Kingdom and offers programmes for the whole of the Salford community in a wide range of Gymnastic type activities as well as elite level trampolining to athletes from across the North of England.

The New Broughton HUB facility is solely built to produce high level Trampoline Gymnasts. The club has always been about all disciplines of Gymnastics and as such the club have been in consultation with the council from 2013 -2017 to acquire the use of the previously named Broughton Recreational Centre on Camp Street Higher Broughton. This centre opens in 2017 and will continue to provide gymnastic disciplines that the club has been producing for well over 35 years.


This comprehensive programme still includes: World class trampoline coaching, recreational gymnastics and trampoline coaching, pre-school movement education, primary and secondary school curriculum support with GCSE provision, special needs provision for children and adults, comprehensive coaching education programme and hosting national/international competitions, squad and clinics.



The trampoline element of the club is world renowned for producing numerous world class and national level athletes. These include:

  • 6th place at the Sydney Olympics 2000
  • Junior Olympics gold medallist
  • 5 Junior world champions
  • Senior European gold medallist
  • European club champions 1997 and 2000
  • 5 Senior British championships
  • Numerous junior British and Regional champions

The trampoline squad consists of some fifty plus athletes with many competing at National and International level. It is very likely that one of our current athletes will be in contention for a place at the next Olympics.

The centre has regular attendance from five hundred plus customers involved in various activities and disciplines at all levels.

Our centre that is housed at the HUB facility is 33m by 20m with a 13m high ceiling. This is home to some state of the art equipment, including:

  • 3 floor sunken trampolines
  • 2 4x4 trampolines
  • 4 Ultimate 4x4 raised trampolines
  • Ultimate DMT
  • 6m x 6m pit... and much more.

The club is working to build a centre that is capable of training the next National, World and Olympic Champions.

This is an exciting time for the club as we grow and thrive and are expecting many more happy years in our fantastic centres with lots of success in both trampoline and gymnastics.


Rebound and Aerial Centre of Excellence (RACE)