Recreational Trampolining

Our Trampolining sessions are run alongside the governing bodies badge scheme.

Trampolining can help teach and improve co-ordination and control for safety. Our primary teaching points are based on safety and control learning. Learn how to perform skills in a safe and controlled environment.

We Teach Safety First

  • Which way to face whilst bouncing
  • How to bounce and stop
  • How to get on and off a trampoline safely
  • How to bounce in a straight line without moving from the cross
  • Basic shapes and body landings
  • About how to twist
  • Create a knowledge of being safe on and around trampolines

We aim to achieve all these basic skills before moving on to learn skills from award 6 - 15 in the British Gymnastics badge award scheme. Through this scheme, that has been set out by the governing body, we take the gymnast through twisting and ody landing to somersaulting backwards and forwards.

Coaches are always on the lookout for gymnasts who show the required requisites to attain higher levels on Trampoline. Coaches will recommend that the gymnast should have a trial in the club squad system and arrange for this to happen with the squad coaches at the earliest convenience.

The squad is run to help the gymnasts fulfil their potential in the best manner. The club works at an international level in trampolining and has been doing so for over 35 years. If you feel that you/your child is already at a squad level and would like to join the club, please contact us to arrange a trial.

During a trial we will look at all your basic skills, you need to be able to do backwards and forward somersaults with control. We will assess and then offer you options on how we will move forward.

Trampoline Sessions Times

Tuesday: 16:30-17:30, 17:30-18:30, 18:30-19:15

Wednesday: 16:45-17:45, 17:45-18:45

Thursday: 16:45-17:45, 17:45-18:45

Friday: 17:00-19:00 (Invite only)

Saturday: 09:45-10:45, 10:45-11:45, 11:45-12:45

The trampoline sessions are open age, we start trampoline sessions from the age of 5 years plus, but will assess those who are at the upper age of 4 years.