Recreational Trampolining

Recreational Trampolining

Recreational Taster Session: £5.00

Course Cost: £24.00 for a six week course

(Saturday and Sunday Recreational Classes are £4 for one hour £6.50 for two hours)

Our Trampolining sessions are run alongside the governing bodies badge scheme. We also teach the following to help improve co-ordination and control for safety; this is a primary teaching point as without safety and control, learning skill is a much more long and dangerous thing.

We Teach Safety First

Which way to face whilst bouncing
How to bounce and stop
How to get on and off a trampoline safely
How to bounce in a straight line without moving from the cross
Basic shapes and body landings
About how to twist
Create a knowledge of being safe on and around trampolines

We aim to achieve all these basic skills before moving on to following from award 6 in the British Gymnastics badge award scheme. Through this scheme that has been set out by the governing body we take the trampolinists through the twist from the body landing to somersaulting backwards and forwards. If the coach believes that the trampolinists could become high level trampolinists the coach will recommend that he/she should have a trail in the club squad system.

The Squad is run to take the trampolinists and help them fulfil their potential in the best manner. The club works at an International level in trampolining and has been doing so for over 25 years, if you feel that you/your child is already at a squad level and would like to join the club, you can.

All you need to do is contact us and we will arrange a trial during one of our squad nights, you need to be able to do backwards and forward summersaults with control, if you can do that get in touch.

Download Trampolining PDF

Recreational Trampolining